Are you a farmer in/near northern New Mexico?

Selling  through Squash Blossom has many benefits.
Consider joining us today!

As a Squash Blossom farmer you can:
  • Expand into new markets!
  • Increase revenue!
  • Reduce waste!
  • Maintain reliable buyers
  • Sell large quantities each week!
  • Save time for farming while Squash Blossom markets, sells, and delivers your products!
  • Get Paid consistently when filling orders!
  • Promote your farm in our marketing campaign!

Participation Requirements:
  • Maintain and show yearly proof of Liability Insurance and Business License.
  • Adhere to the Squash Blossom Farm Product Specification Guide for product sizing, quality, and cleanliness.
  • Accept our wholesale price list.
  • Communicate your farm’s production availability weekly to Squash Blossom.
  • Deliver clean, fresh, high-quality products shortly after harvest to our aggregation space in Santa Fe.
  • Always notify as far in advance as possible if you cannot fill an order.
  • Build the business by not competing with, nor undercutting our prices in transactions with our buyers.
For more information contact us.