Our Story

The name Squash Blossom came to us because the sweet cheerful flowers are one of chefs’ favorite local crops to feature on their menus when in season, but must be delivered and prepared within three hours of harvest! 

No other food distribution company has this capacity. We are happy to provide the freshest, highest-quality, specialty local products that everyone loves. Not only are we the only distribution company able to sell the delicate squash blossoms, but we see our business as the squash blossom compared to the industrialized food movement. We are small, fragile, only local, and the quality we stand for is beyond comparison. 

Our Mission is to provide a dependable income stream for local farmers, bring healthier food to our community, and strengthen our local economy.



Squash Blossom is an award winning company as it was the recipient of
the City of Santa Fe Mayor's Award  for Sustainability and Food Security in 2016.