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Our Story

SQUASH BLOSSOM'S MISSION is to provide a dependable income stream for local farmers,
bring healthier food to our community, and strengthen our local economy.

Squash Blossom is a social enterprise. We work to protect and preserve traditional, low-impact farming methods,
and prioritize above all else, fairness for every entity in the farmer ➟ eater value chain.

The name Squash Blossom came to us because the sweet cheerful flowers are one of chefs’ favorite local crops to feature on their menus when in season, but must be delivered and prepared within three hours of harvest! No other food distribution company has this capacity. We are happy to provide the freshest, highest-quality, specialty local products that everyone loves. Not only are we the only distribution company able to sell the delicate squash blossoms, we also see our business as the squash blossom compared to the industrialized food movement. We are small, fragile, only local, and the quality we stand for is beyond comparison. 


Nina Ladegaard founded Squash Blossom after years of working in food and farming both in her home state of New Mexico, and around the globe. Her experience in small-scale agriculture ranges from growing, to distribution, managing and vending at farmers' markets, and many years of program management in the non-profit sector. Nina's passion is to make small-scale, family farming viable for generations to come. She sees the work of Squash Blossom as a way to protect the earth, preserve culture and diversity, strengthen the local economy, and imbue health for all eaters. Her favorite vegetable to grow and eat is spicy Nambé Chile. Saving the seed every year, roasting the fresh green chile in August, and then stringing the red chile into ristras to dry and enjoy all winter, is a deeply satisfying process, and one that is rooted in generations of tradition in the small valley where she lives and farms.

Jennifer Warren Dunn's heart is rooted in experiential education; fueling her work in farm-to-school programs, non-profit community kitchens, small local farms, and recreational cooking schools. Jenn is excited to be part of the Squash Blossom Team and is deeply fulfilled knowing that she helps provide the Santa Fe community with beautiful produce from our incredible local farmers. Her favorite vegetable to grow and eat is corn, because of its resilience, diversity and versatility to transform into so many different dishes.


Mairi Luthin grew up in Maine with lots of family land to cultivate and romp on. She is happiest with her hands in the dirt, and has since volunteered and worked on farms in New Mexico, Washington, Ireland, and New Zealand. She believes that everybody should have access to healthy, locally grown food, and it is with great excitement that she can help make that happen with Squash Blossom. She hopes to continue to nurture and nourish those in my community with sustainably grown food and eventually do so with her own land. Beets are her favorite vegetable because of their earthy tasting comfort and vibrant colors. She thinks they’re best with parsley, red wine vinegar, and a bit of olive oil.


    • City of Santa Fe's Small Business of the Year, 2018
    • Small Business Administration's New Mexico Home-Based Business of the Year, 2018
    • City of Santa Fe's Mayoral Award for Sustainability and Food Security, 2016


    Thank you to Genevieve Russell of Story Portrait Media for the beautiful photos taken at our local farms for our website

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